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Wednesday Wednesday
Number of tracks: 4
Year of release: 2008
Brother Harmony Brother Harmony
Number of tracks: 12
Year of release: 1998
The Silence Is Broken The Silence Is Broken
Number of tracks: 11
Year of release: 1997
Because They Can Because They Can
Number of tracks: 15
Year of release: 1995
   Tracks on Soundtracks:
Kevin & Perry Go Large (CD 2) Kevin & Perry Go Large (CD 2)
Number of tracks: 22
Year of release: 2000
   Tracks on Compilations:
Trance Nation 2 Trance Nation 2
Number of tracks: 14
Year of release: 2006
Relax With Brazil Relax With Brazil
Number of tracks: 21
Year of release: 2005
Compilation Compilation
Number of tracks: 356
   With other artists:
Wear That Dress Cdm Agnelli & Nelson & A&N Project
Wear That Dress Cdm
Number of tracks: 7
Year of release: 2007
Wear That Dress (Incl Remixes) Agnelli & Nelson & A&N Project
Wear That Dress (Incl Remixes)
Number of tracks: 5
Year of release: 2007
   Most polular songs wo albums!:
Most polular songs wo albums! Agnelli & Nelson
Most polular songs wo albums!
Number of tracks: 1
Coding: MP3
Genre: Pop, Rock, Hard Rock / Metall
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Albums total: 11
Tracks total: 468
Total playing time: 34:13:07
Total size: 2719 Mb